Irene Lagun from Fulham, London

I am very satisfied with this dental clinic, not only because of the results but also because of the nice people and very fast services. Thank you and I will come back if needed. P.S.: The receptionist has been always very focused on me as a patient what I really appreciate.

Denis McAlinden from Northern Ireland

Just a bit of feedback on Budapest. The driver was very good, funny, had excellent English and was always very punctual and a mine of information.The Opera Garden Hotel was absolutely immaculate and very comfortable and as quiet as a church with an extensive choice for every taste (and ability to eat). The staff were discreet and totally understanding. My Dentist was a Wizard, with a very compassionate nature and understanding. A pleasure to deal with in such strained circumstances for me. My extractions he described as "difficult" as I was in the chair for over an hour. Budapest is a truly beautiful city steeped in centuries of war, conflict, beautiful music and superb architecture. I look forward to be return and to immerse myself in its culture and beautiful people - and learn from them

Karen Crawford from Portsmouth

From start of my treatment to the finish the staff have been so professional and caring. All through my treatments they explained every procedure and always made sure I was happy. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Thank you very much for my smile.

T. N. from London

I am very happy with the service, I received. The dentists are excellent, many thanks for all the staff at London Dental Implant. I will always come back to this clinic, and highly recommend to everyone.

John Priestley from Battersea

I Feel like i've been on a fantastic journey, starting with painful, broken teeth and partial dentures. I visted Budapest three times, i've fallen in love with this beutiful city.My treatment is now complete and I have a million doller smile ! better than anything I could of dreamt of. Throughout my journey I was spoiled by the friendliest, most professional , highly skilled team, and stayed in a magnificently restored 4 star hotel in the heart of Budapest.I have no hesitation in recommending the London dental implant service.

Adrian from London

Just over a year ago aged 71 I ended up with 3 teeth. One very grey original, a broken crown and a split tooth. After extensive research on the internet and seeing reports on BBC TV of Britons travelling to Budapest for treatment, I contacted British Hungarian Medical Services. I visited their Battersea clinic for a consultation and a discussion of the possibilities. At no time did I feel pressurised (unlike in England) into having more expensive surgery than necessary. Rather the opposite in fact. I wanted permanent fixed bridges rather than removable ones. After sending my CT scan to Dr Halasz in Budapest, via the internet, I was told I could have what I wanted but I would need a sinus uplift as I'd lost my teeth many years ago and the longer you are without teeth the less bone you have as it shrinks. I was then sent a review plan and price package of treatment, to which I agreed. I paid 30% on the day of extractions, 3 months later 30% on the day of implants and 9 months later 40% on day of crown fitting. The same treatment in England would have been unaffordable to me. In August last year I had my remaining 3 teeth removed and a temporary denture fitted. In November I travelled to Budapest to have 14 implants fitted and a sinus lift undertaken by Dr Halasz. Nine months later I had the 14 healing screws fitted in London by Dr Halasz and 2 weeks later flew out to Budapest to have my 4 fixed bridges fitted. I was given a list of appointments and the name of the dentist who would be treating me 3 months before I left but when I was collected for my first appointment I was sent to the clinic in Buda and not to the one I had been to in November in Pest. When I queried this the receptionist Paul phoned my patient co-ordinator in London who was very apologetic that I hadn't been informed and explained the circumstances (the dentist had emigrated with his family) and they now had a second clinic. I was treated by Dr Márta Bernáth whom I cannot praise highly enough. She was very meticulous that everything felt right for me and I had the correct bite before the final fitting. So much so that I wondered if everything would be finished on time. Look her up on Google, a very experienced cosmetic dentist, lecturer and author. I had no need to worry, everything was perfect before I left. I even received a phone call from Paul, the receptionist in Buda, while waiting in the departure lounge, to ask if everything was ok. Now, just over 2 weeks since my return, I still find it strange that I don't have to take my teeth out at night and when I chew my teeth don't move about. I am extremely happy with the final result and only wish I hadn't waited so long to have the implants. To anyone wondering if they should take the plunge, let me assure you, your never too old for implants. You will be in very good hands from the first time you contact them to the last. The facilities in London and Budapest are first rate. Everything will be arranged for you, hotel, travel to and from the airport, hotel and clinic. Also Budapest is a very nice place to visit. I cannot recommend them highly enough and have been telling all my friends about them. And the Germans trust them as well and you know how they demand the best. So go ahead, I guarantee you will end up being as pleased as I am.

John Thompson from London

It's now a week since my new implants and crowns were finally fitted in Budapest and they feel really good. Chewing is comfortable and I’m delighted with the new ‘teeth’ from an aesthetic point of view. Everything has worked out well. I was transported from hotel to dental centre and back again several times with great courtesy and efficiency. Staff were positive and welcoming, speaking impressive English. We also had a great time in Budapest, chilling out in the fabulous thermal baths in various parts of the city. Many thanks to my dental surgeon, in particular, for all the care and patience which was exercised during the treatment.

D.T. from London

I have visited London Dental Implant clinic on a few occasions and I always felt welcomed and respected. My dentist and all the nurses were always professional but also friendly and patient. The surgery itself is modern, nice and clean. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic based on my positive experience. Thank you!

Denis from Northern Ireland

At last all is done and I am as pleased as punch at the obvious results! That and the fact that I can eat normally again. I had a Porterhouse Steak with all the trimmings on Sunday and the experience was sublime.I attended my Dentist for the usual 6 month Check-Up and he was very impressed with the work and suggested I attend the Hygienist at each Check Up to maintain the first class work. All the girls in Calla Dentists complemented me on my fresh, natural smile so a million Thank You to all the staff at BHMS for doing such a good job and I will see you at Christmas for my check up in Battersea.

A Satisfied Client (name withheld) from Wandsworth, London

I was extremely apprehensive with implants but all the information was provided and explained to me in detail. I have been very pleased with my treatment so far and have been able to accommodate the treatment around my work commitment.

Mike Hughes from Warrington

I am fine thank you. I was bad the first day, but that was just drowsiness due to the anaesthetic. I had 2 pain killers the first day and then stopped taking them as I didn't really have any pain.
The services provided by the clinic were exceptional.
I had the surgery completed on Monday and on Tuesday I went to the schechnyi (sorry about the spelling) pool and also matthias's church and the fishermans bastion. Wednesday I had a tattoo and did some shopping. I spent Thursday and Friday eating goulash, drinking the local wine and watching the very beautiful Hungarian girls walking past the bar.
I have no complaints whatsoever and could not have wished for a better service. Also I would like to thank you for the guide book you arranged it was invaluable.

Maria Lupton from Leeds

I had my implant fitted approx 4 years ago. my experience has always been positive and I am happy with the results. I would highly recommend london-dental-implant to others